July 25, 2017

Heaster’s Platform and Policy Initiatives

Vote Heaster Wheeler for Detroit City Clerk to empower voters and reclaim our voice! Many items must be addressed to ensure a fair and efficient election process in Detroit. As Detroit City Clerk, Heaster will:

Ensure all residents have broad, streamlined options that make it easy to register to vote.

  • Maintain accessible voter registration sites year-round throughout the City.
  • Advocate for online voter registration, with dedicated computers available at public offices and libraries.
  • Advocate for automatic voter registration upon receipt of a driver’s license or state ID card.
  • Partner with title companies and realtor associations to offer new Detroit homeowners voter registration forms to register or update their voting records.
  • Advocate for a city ordinance mandating landlords provide voter registration forms to new tenants.
  • Utilize trained, multilingual Deputy Registrars.
  • Partner with high schools to ensure all students are offered an opportunity to pre-register, or register when they turn 18.

Provide a renewed focus on recruiting, training and educating staff and volunteers throughout Detroit to ensure an efficient and legitimate election process.

  • Recruit eligible high school and college students.
  • Establish partnerships with local community organizations and businesses to recruit volunteers, and to identify multilingual assistance.
  • Increase training for poll workers (including online, podcasts, video, etc.) that will include hypotheticals, photos and/or diagrams of polling locations.

Restore confidence in the value of individual voters, the experience they live every day and the system as a whole.

  • Expand community outreach by visiting organizations and schools to discuss voter registration and the election process.
  • Utilize the precinct delegates to disseminate voter education material.
  • Enhance the City Clerk’s website and better utilize social media.
  • Provide information that has been translated into Spanish, Arabic and other relevant languages.
  • Ask schools to reach out to parents/guardians to provide basic voter registration and voting information.
  • Easy access to non-partisan voter guides and sample ballots.

Put the needs of Detroiters first.

  • Host regular ‘Coffee with the Clerk’ sessions to talk to Detroiters.
  • Fight for no-reason absentee voting.[2]
  • Fight for designation of regular election days as state holidays.
  • Fight for online voting.
  • Fight for early voting.

Lead a bold fight to secure the necessary resources to provide an electoral process that works for everyone in Detroit.

  • Including the necessary technology to make voting and the clerk’s office more accessible.
  • Leverage innovative technology, including website enhancements, robocalls, text messaging, emails, etc.
  • The clerk’s website will be a wealth of information, including election results, resolutions, research, contracts approved by the City Council and other public information.

[1] Nine states (CA, CO, DE, FL, HI, LA, MD, MA, RI, UT & VT) and the District of Columbia offer pre-voter registration for 16 & 17 year olds; five states (ME, NE, OR, NJ & WV) allow 17 year olds to pre-register; five other states (AK, GA, IA, MO & TX) allow pre-registration before the age of 18; and seven states (IN, KS, MN, NV, NH , NM & WY) allow registration if the person turns 18 on or before the next election.

[2] Thirty-four (34) states and the District of Columbia offer early and/or no-reason absentee voting.  Michigan is one of seven states (the others are AL, CT, DE, NH, PA & RI) that does not offer either early voting or no-reason absentee voting.