July 24, 2017

About Heaster

With your support, Heaster Wheeler will work to empower voters, restore confidence, and reclaim Detroit’s voice at the ballot box.

As a lifelong Detroiter, Heaster Wheeler knows the challenges that Detroiters face first hand. A veteran of the revolution, Heaster has displayed a lifelong commitment to serving Detroit’s communities. Voter advocacy is a fight that Wheeler has been committed to for decades. He believes that your vote is your power, and everyone in Detroit should have the chance to be heard.

At age 16, Heaster was engaged in the democratic process and was volunteering at local polls. Heaster has over two decades working in various sectors of non-profit and government affairs. He was a member of the Detroit Fire Department, where he served as President of the Black Fire Fighters Association. He later put his passion to work advocating for Detroit Public Schools as a lobbyist. For more than a decade, he served as executive director of the Detroit Branch NAACP – the largest NAACP branch in the country. He has also been an assistant county executive in Wayne County.

Now, his mission is to reclaim the voice of Detroit voters by putting his leadership, experience, passion and drive to work serving the citizens of Detroit as Detroit City Clerk.